About Us
VA’s New Favorite Firearms Dealer!Trojan Arms & Tactical inc. is one of Virginia's newest firearms dealers offering personalized services to firearm enthusiasts locally and online.

Owner's Don & Christine Woodson have been an avid firearms enthusiasts for over 20 years. Their decision to become a local VA firearms dealer, as well as an online VA gun shop, came from their passion for and knowledge of modern firearms, black powder rifles, pistols and many aspects of firearm specialty training. Both have proven skills in hunting, firearms sales and service, and as a firearms safety training instructor are well documented. Combine that experience with decades of successful business management, as well as excellent customer service skills, and Trojan Arms & Tactical inc. is quickly destined to be one of the foremost Virginia's firearms dealers.

Don's specialties are in the fields of Master Gunsmith, Master Firearms Instructor, Tactical Shotgun, Hunting Instructor, & Law Enforcement Instructor. He is also a member of the American Association of Gunsmiths & Reloaders. Christine's specialties are in the fields of Master Firearms Instructor, Master Gunsmith, Women's Shooting Instructor, Self Defense Instructor, Tactical Shotgun, and Sniper Protection. Both are highly capable and knowledgeable in all aspects of firearm sales, instruction, and safety.

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